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Ellicott 370 Dredge

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2003 12x10in Ellicott 370 Dredge in great shape and ready to work.  This returned from a Job where it worked flawlessly, we have inspected the machine and did some repairs. The 3406 Cat engine has a new head and exhaust manifold, it was visually inspected while the head was off injectors and valves set when reassembled, starts right up and runs great.

See specs below:

Make & Model: Ellicott 370
Age:  2003
Length: 57.5 ft.
Width: 12 ft.
Hull Depth: 4 ft
Ladder Length: 23 ft.
Estimated Weight: 51,000 lbs.

Ellicott pump
Suction: 12″
Discharge: 10″


CAT 3406
Total Hours: estimated hours 14,000

Number and location of Spuds: 2 in rear
Length of Spuds: ′27 ft
Diameter: 10″x10″ Round


Swing: Ellicott
Ladder: Ellicott
Spud: Ellicott