About Loos Service & Supply, Inc.

Quality is Our Business!

At Loos Service & Supply, we buy, sell, customize, and refurbish new and used equipment for use in the Sand and Gravel Industry. Whether your plant needs a booster pump to increase production, a dewatering wheel to improve efficiency, or you just need a few tips and tricks to get your plant running at optimal efficiency, Loos Service has the knowledge and experience to help your pit reach maximum output.

Not only do we provide efficient equipment solutions for the industry, but we also provide follow up services. Our Customer Service doesn’t stop when our customers receive their equipment. If one of your pumps isn’t performing to industry expectations, let us look at it and see how we can alter the equipment to be more efficient for your particular application.

We also offer a variety of parts and maintenance services to keep your equipment operating smoothly and efficiently. We are successful because we put our customers’ needs first and work seamlessly with a common goal: to support our customers’ success by producing high quality equipment that can be relied on to perform effectively.

Loos Service representatives pride themselves on going above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs. No matter the problem, we will research and provide an answer as efficiently as possible. Have a specific job that requires specialized equipment? We will think outside of the box to provide a customized solution to your problem that will also provide maximum return. With the wealth of knowledge and experience available, Loos Service can provide a variety of solutions to bring your production up while keeping your costs down.


Meet the Team at Loos Service & Supply, Inc.:

Mark Powley: President / Outside Sales / Pretty Much Everything

Mark grew up in a family-owned sand & gravel operation in Central Illinois. After returning from mechanics school, he went to work at his family’s gravel operation. Starting in maintenance, Mark worked himself up to Superintendent of the gravel operation. In 1998, he started selling sand & gravel equipment, then came to work at Loos Service & Supply, Inc. in 2001. Mark has over 37 years of working knowledge in the aggregate industry that can be put to work for you. Fact: Mark occasionally pretends to interview Barbra Walters to destress.

Ron Witt: Outside Sales

After spending over 20 years at a gravel operation where he was involved in crushing, screening, dredging and equipment maintenance, Ron came to work for Loos Service in the Spring of 2006 and has since helped our customers overcome many obstacles they have encountered with innovative equipment solutions. Never one to shy away from a good conversation, Ron has over 36 years of experience in the gravel industry and can help you identify and solve your production dilemmas. Fact: Ron once rode a unicorn into battle.

Nicki Powley: Secretary / Treasurer / Inside Sales

With a previous history working at Loos Service & Supply, Nicki rejoined the Loos Team in January of 2018. Since then, she has put in the time and effort to really get to know the customers and their equipment. With a knack for research and a personable approach, Nicki is the heart of the office and a great resource for our customers. Fact: Nicki has an ancient Asian Desk Frog named Zilla.

Dani Fitch: Inside Sales / Office Assistant

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dani no longer working for us. She will be missed by so many within the company and those she corresponded with. She was a great asset to our company and implemented so many ideas. Dani and her family are in our thoughts and prayers.

With a background in content development, graphic design, office administration, and marketing, you can look forward to seeing many updates to our branding and online presence. Dani takes caring for our customers and filling the needs of our business seriously but is always in the mood for a good joke. She is always available to assist our customers with any issue they may encounter. Fact: Dani was the first to spot a river gator on the Illinois, and occasionally howls in her sleep.

Jared Powley: Shop Manager

Jared came to Loos Service & Supply, Inc., in 2015 with a welding degree and several years of experience in fabrication. Since then, he has become an indispensable part of the Loos Crew by taking point on many projects that have dazzled our customers and provided them with specialized equipment customized to their specific application. Fact: Jared likes to wear purple polka dot socks and skips to my loo when coming into the shop.

Joel Powley: Fabricator

Part-time since 2016, Joel came on board full-time in February 2020 and hasn’t looked back. With previous professional experience in home construction and fabrication, Joel practically grew up in this business and has learned various strategies to create equipment that can stand up to the heavy-duty applications required in our field. Fact: Joel has a frequent shopper’s card at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Don “The Professor” Kohler: Mechanic

With several years in diesel mechanics, Don’s expertise in engine mechanics literally gets the gears turning here at the shop. Don has become a part of the Loos Family and is great at brainstorming to find solutions when there appears to be none. Fact: Don is known as the Professor for his Einstein-like ability with machinery.

Tony Parsons: Fabricator

Since June 2020, Tony has put his experience with fabricating, welding, and painting to good use here at Loos Service & Supply, Inc. His time and talents have assisted in several successful projects that have since been put to good use by our customers. Fact: Tony likes to explore Martha Stewart fashion when he’s alone.

Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries or challenges you may encounter. With over 100 years of experience in the sand and gravel industry combined, Loos Service & Supply, Inc. looks forward to assisting with any of your aggregate equipment needs!